Kudos from Canadian Calgary Teachers Association

Franklin delivered a keynote and two workshops at the Canadian Calgary Teachers Association Conference attended by 11,000 educators.

Here are a few of their comments:

“Should have been longer.  I’m an elementary teacher and although dropouts aren’t a concern, student success and school culture are.  Resource access is great!”

“Thank you for your passion and sharing of stories.”

“Very real, very practical – could have listened to him for another hour!”

“Very sincere wonderful encouragement from Mr. Schargel.”

“Thanks for sharing all of this information with us.  Some really important things to think about, especially for myself, a second year teacher.  Thanks for sharing your website.”

“Gave me lots to learn and pointed to places where I can go to reinforce that learning.”

“Terrific intro – great slides with music.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences and info on your website.  I love the bookmark.”

“Great opening music, visual cartoons!  Thank you for your inspiration.”

“Schargel is a passionate and insightful speaker.  Enjoyed his “Failure slide presentation to start.  His use of slides and visuals were overall very effective in enhancing his presentation.”

“Very knowledgeable!  Lots of funny comments.”

“Wonderful presentation!”

Kudos from the National Dropout Prevention Conference in Shaumburg, IL

“Dr. Schargel speaks from the heart in a very logical, pragmatic manner that enlighten and creates a mental system’s change on dropout re-engagement and prevent for each participant.”  Dr. Mick Moore, Assistant Superintendent, Kenton, WA

“Franklin’s love for education shows in his eyes, heart and mind.”  T. Kersh, Bureau Director, Mississippi Department of Education

“Franklin discusses dropout in a way anyone can understand. He makes you want to learn more.”  A. Kowalczyk, Principal

“Honest, passionate & animated.” D. Udovich,, Executive Director Secondary, San Antonio, TX

“Practical, common sense information in a crazy, zany style.”  J.Wollenberg, Principal

“I found Franklin’s workshop inspirational.  He believes that teachers can improve the lives of children no matter the school environment.” V. Sanders, College Access, Detroit Michigan

“Amazing how simple and realistic the information he gives and how practical schools can adapt these strategies.” C. Getugi, Graduation Guide, Newark, DE

‘Franklin’s program offers practical strategies to address real life school-related issues.” A. Still, Graduation Guide, Newark DE

“Franklin’s balanced humor with thought-provoking information that can change the way I run my school.” A. Reyner, Principal

“Franklin give real world suggestions for real world issues facing educators and our at-risk students.” Dropout Prevention Coordinator

Kudos from Knoxville Tennessee

“It was an inspiring presentation that reminds teachers that they have the power to improve the lives of EVERY student they encounter.” A. Merryman, Social Studies Teacher

“This was a wonderfully informative session from someone who understands.” B. Johannsen, School Counselor

“The presenter was fantastic.” Assistant Principal

“Franklin is consistently positive towards the possibility of improving students lives.  The presentation was truly one of the best professional development presentations that I have ever witnessed.” J.A. Irvin, English Teacher

“Inspiring and motivating.  Educators must learn to inspire and motivate the individual student.  Franklin has a great message for teachers and educational leaders.”

“Interactive and inspiring.  Reminds and encourages me regarding why I am an educator.” T. Campbell, Assistant Principal

“Franklin’s presentation was a life-changing experience.  So, true and so encouraging – just what I needed.” A. Freeman, Nurse



Kudos from the “Risky Business” Conference in Iowa

Below are a few comments made by the attendees at the “XXIV Risky Business Conference held in Altoona, Iowa.  Franklin was the keynote speaker:

“Compassionate-driven-purposeful- Improving Student Lives” D. Townsend, Guidance Counselor

“Franklin calls it how it is in education and what we can do to improve it.” S. Hayes, School Counselor

“Powerful!  Thank you for reawakening our minds, spirits and souls.” Special Educator Associate

“Thought provoking information is provided in an an audience friendly format.”  Caseworker

“A fun leaning experience!  The time flew.”  Teacher

“I think Franklin’s program is both inspiring and informative.  The balance between wisdom of experience and documented empirical strategies were so helpful.”  S. Halvorson, At-risk Associate

“Inspiring,  made me believe I can make a difference.”  Dean of Students

“A must for ALL educators.”  Gear Up Advisor

“The REAL message about education!” J. Kerns, High School Coordinator

“Educational, entertaining, emotional and informative – something for anyone who cares about children.”  At-risk coordinator

“You bring back the real truth about what is really in the best interest of children.”  J. Ellenbecker, Juvenile Court School Liaison”

“Franklin understands and relates to what we do everyday!” B. Bockes, Instructor

“Franklin confirms that our current education system need to be redesigned.  Now I understand why the system is failing my daughter.”  D. Townsend, Guidance Counselor

“I am a future teacher currently in college, Franklin’s presentation challenged me to really take a look at my purpose for teaching in the future.  Thank you for the inspiration.” S. Peel, Associate



Kudos From Florida Dept. of Education Conference

Here are a few comments from Franklin’s presentations in St. Petersburg, Florida:

“An honest account of the clear vision needed to improve education for society’s future.”  Transition Coordinator

“Your love for helping students and teachers is obvious and over whelming.” B. Sterns

“This presentation is totally engaging and chuck full of information.” K. Cole, District Resource Teacher

“Franklin exemplifies teaching – excellent teaching.  He truly improving the world for our children.” Post-Secondary Transition Consultant

“Informative, inspiring, excellent presentation.” J. Brown, Jr. Director of Education

“Powerful! Very empowering for educators at all levels.  Applicable knowledge that jsut makes good sense!” G. Beasley

“One size fit all does not fit anyone. Great summary”. S. Wilson

“Authentic self-reflection aimed at improving student success.” M. Renda, School Counselor

“I felt energized to return to my building committed to empower my staff to find joy in being educators again.” B. Backman, Principal

“A truly inspiring and motivational presentation for the novice and veteren educator alike.” School Counselor

“This is one of the most real-world, humorous, factual and concise presentations I have seen in a long time.  I would recommend it to everyone.” P. Schwartz, Reading Specialist

“Extremely informative and engaging.  I was surprised at how the presentation aligned to similar problems in my school.  I only wished the presentation would have been longer.” H. Nelson, Education Coordinator

More Kudos From Jackson, TN

“Interactive, learning activities.  Franklin’s program validates the importance of truly caring about students.” K. Sears, HS teacher

“Franklin truly cares about out understanding the purpose of his lecture.  He just needs more time to present.”  Dropout Prevention Specialist

“Motivating, entertaining, and most importantly useful and applicable.  Made me feel hopeful and I haven’t recently felt that.”  E. M. Miller, Graduation Coach

“I appreciated his sharing resources.” Tennessee Department of Education

“We were actively engaged in the presentation.  Also we have resources to carry back.  Franklin’s program is a powerful endeavor to motivate educators to improve the children in our schools.  His program leave uou motivated to implement strategies to reach and improve learning.” S. Hickson, School Counselor

“Practical – comon sense information that can be used immediately.” HS Principal

“Franklin has been in the field and knows our kids.”

“Great presentation on how to help improve the lives of children.” S. Sanders, Instructional Coach

“I loved the ‘Failure’ video.” Attendance Supervisor

“No nonsense approach to connect with students and parents.” Special Education Consulting Teacher

“Fast paced – practical – validating for what we are doing.” HS Principal


Kudos from The Southern Regional Education Board Conference

Franklin recently delivered two presentations at the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) High Schools That Work Conference in Nashville, TN.  Here are some comments:

“My favorite presentation in the past three years of coming to this conference.”  D. Pospisil, Special Education Coordinator, Omaha, NE

“Shows educators how and why they went into education and that all students can learn.”  J. McWhorter, Agriculture Teacher, London, KY

“Finally, a session on dropout prevention that uses common sense and love of children.” C. Phillips, Teacher, Upper Glade, WV

“Franklin promotes the idea of creativity, flexibility and positive change.” R. Bivins, Asst. Director, Buffalo, NY

“These ideas will help me make a difference to my students and teachers.”  S. Evans, Library Media Specialist, Hot Springs, AR

“Amazing, every work was practical and real!  I feel energized and ready to begin a new year, that is filled with possibilities for all of my students.” K. DeLelancy, HS Teacher, Decatur, AL

“The information I received give me hope for the students at my school, that they can do it; that they can make it.” A. Armijo, Counselor, Highland HS, Albuquerque, NM

“Franklin’s unique approach keeps his audience engaged and wanting more information.”

“Mr. Schargel reminds you of practical knowledge to improve schools that you have forgotten because of the pressure of NCLB.” D. Knott, HS Principal, Elliston, VA

“As a new counselor, Franklin placed the information at the level of my understanding.  It was great!.” T. Lewis-Locklear, School Counselor. Fairmont, NC

“Give him more time to present!  He was wonderful!” J. Murphy, HS Guidance Counselor, Sparta, TN

“The presentation was spot-on and applicable to what I do as an educator.” L. Sanders,Director of Curriculum, Poyen, AR

“Franklin Schargel is one of the most passionate, interesting, and informative speaker I have ever heard.” ”  T. Hancock, Assistant Superintendent, Wayne, OK

“Franklin is a great story teller.  Great knowledge. Great ideas from his experience.” M. Burkholder, HS Principal, West Salem, OH

“I have taught 31 years and this seminar gave me some new ideas.” D. Pierce, Attendance Officer, Mansfield OH

“Not your typical ‘professional development’. He made me laugh and cry.  Great ideas.  He convinced me he loves kids.” M. Tapia

“Very graciously does not copyright his material.  Thank you for letting us use your work.” J. Dickson, Middle School Principal, Rock Hill, SC





Kudos from Virginia

Franklin recently spoke in Virginia and received rave reviews.  Here are a selection of them:

“Franklin sees the needs of students first, not their ethnicity and biased expectations.”  S. Perrin, Teacher

“One of the best presentations I have ever attended.  I wish all educators could experience this empowerment.”  T. Hudgins, 1st grade teacher

“Franklin reminds us that we teach children, not subject material.”  J. Riva, Math teacher

“His presentation goes to the core of our teaching system inequities.  Presents very simple, common sense ideas that can be implemented with just a change in our attitude and how we perceive our students.” Science Faculty Member

“Franklin is a dynamic speaker with heart and soul!  Franklin’s passion is contagious and very motivating.”  C. Balderson, Principal

“The program was one of the few staff development sessions that I have attended where I truly believed the presenter understood the challenges of today’s educator.”  H. Poulson, 1st grade teacher

“Lots of speakers know the theory, but Mr. Schargel has actually been in the trenches.”  S.Rushing, FACS  Teacher





Kudos from Savannah Youth At-Risk Conference

Franklin delivered two presentations at the Savannah YOuth At-Risk Conference.  Here are some of the evaluations:

“Franklin puts together pieces of the dropout pie that he has gleaned from many sources”.  A. Davis, Graduation Coach, GA

“Informative, practical and enjoyable.  Very well done!” M. Monroe, Director GEAR UP, Nassau Community College, New York

“In an interesting, yet entertaining fashion, he made excellent points.” Counselor

“Greatly research and motivational”  Title One Program Manager

“I would describe Franklin’s program as phenomenal.  The perfect prescription to remedy some of our dilemmas.” T. Johnson, Special Education Teacher

“Franklin is funny and knowledgeable.  Hie is very practical.” E. Miller, Director of Academic Acceleration

“Interactive!  Invigorating; real-live experiences, timely, respectful to participants.”  M. Stewart, College Professor, Orlando

“Every person who cares about children should hear Franklin Schargel’s words.”  G. Masingill, Academic Auditor, Savannah, GA

“The presentation is very informative yet easy to follow.  The items presented can easily be implemented in schools.”  D. Colbert

“He tells the truth and is very realistic in his assessment.”  S.  Manning-Prince, Program Director, Culbert, GA

Very informative, great information.  Would highly recommend to all who work with children.” Asst. Principal, Valdosta, GA

“Super!  It gave me ideas I can use tomorrow.”

“”He has a good sense of humor and obviously loves children.”  Teacher, Cabot, AR

“Rich, intriguing, thought-provoking.”  Director KS Enrichment Network, Lawrence, KS

“Enthusiastic and well versed on the topic + plus bonus jokes!”  Transition Specialist, Savannah, GA

“The presentation is an eye opener for educators.  He’s very informative.  He engages his audience.” D. Clarke, School Social Worker, Monticello,, GA

Very informative we look at alternative schools but we must learn to practice alternative instruction with the use of vocational education. Very inspiring to make a real change i the view of educating children.”  Educational Specialist

Kudos from Florida

Franklin recently presented workshops at the National Title One Director’s Conference in Tampa and at the Alternatives to Expulsion conference in Orlando.  Here are a few of the comments from attendees at his sessions:

I’ve been looking for someone like Franklin to fire up our kids, teachers, administrators and community.” S. Campos, Counselor Corpus Christi, Texas

He is a voice for real improvement for America’s future. A. Shelton, Special Ed. Facilitator, Montgomery, AL.

Franklin used a lot of examples/analogies which kept me engaged. J. Durham, School Based Mental Health Services Clinical Supervisor

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!! Well worth the time I spent. C. Banda Jr. Asst. Principal, Corpus Christi, TX

Fun, entertaining, full of practical applications. L. Tucker, Juvenile Diversion, Tulsa, OK

Franklin is definitely doing his part in improving the way educators think! F H. Salinas, Intervention Counselor, Corpus Christi, TX

Powerful, motivating,and to the point! J. Villarreal, Dropout Recovery Specialist

What every educator needs to hear – empowering & energizing.  Wonderful presentation! T. Booker, At Risk Coordinator, Montgomery, AL

We appreciated the practical ideas for addressing ongoing student concern.  The use of humor was a refreshing way to us engaged in discussions of difficult issues. M. Mulein & B. Cotten, counselors, Omaha, NE

Delivered quality presentation on a serious subject with humor and expertise, giving practical strategies that can and should be implemented immediately. B. Agee, Asst. Director, Federal Programs, Texas

This session was refreshing and enlightening of what we can do to empower others to “not”accept our students dropping out. R. Esparza, Nevada

Clear, validated suggestions for improving education and preventing dropouts. K. Sterling, Director of Federal Programs, Utah

Franklin’s workshop is a perfect fit to begin student improvement. G. Veilleux, Director of Special Education, Maine

All educators need to hear Franklin’s message about improving our schools and the lives of children. D. Parry, Area Superintendent, Nevada

I liked the focus on best practices and practical strategies for solving the dropout problem in k-12 schools. Dr. S. Robers, Superintendent, Idaho

Franklin is available to deliver workshops and keynotes dealing with dropout prevention and at-risk learners to your conference, school or school district.  Call 505/823-2339 or email, [email protected]

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