Kudos From Auburn University’s Anti Bullying Conference

Franklin delivered a session at Auburn University’s Anti-Bullying Conference held at the Wyndham Hotel in Peachtree City, GA.  Below are a few of the comments from attendees:

Mr. Schargel’s presentation was very informative and entertaining. I especially liked the humor, videos and knowledge of the presenter. Great presentation! E. White, Counselor

Eye opening information on bullying is painfully shocking and forces my commitment to improve awareness/actions district wide. I especially liked the honesty of the present and the entire presentation. I would request more time for Mr. Schargel to cover topics and allow for Q&A. M. Lyas-Youg, 504 Counselor

Very charismatic, informative and reassuring. This presentation is a great way to reignite the charge of your passion for teaching and learning. Pam Sanders, Assistant Principal

 Thank you for presenting this valuable information that can be utilized by all schools. This is a program than can be very valuable to all administrators, teachers, counselors, parents and stakeholders. Counselor

I believe Mr. Schargel’s program offers insight and realistic strategies to prevent bullying. A. Sanders, Principal

Well organized and informative. A wealth of information and statistics on bullying. School Social Worker

His program was factual and informative, but done with humor keeping all participants attentive absorbing importance of the presentation. Teacher

Excellent presenter and great presentation! Franklin is a super communicator with an important message. Best session of the conference. La Haie, Dean of Students

Presentation at the University of New Mexico’s College of Education

Franklin recently delivered a presentation at the University of New Mexico’s College of Education, Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Policy.  Below are a statement from the instructor, Dr. Sheri Williams,, Assistant Professor of the Educational Leadership Program:

“Thank you again for your presentation.  May we offer a testimony for your inspiring talk?

Franklin Schargel recently spoke to graduate students at the University of New Mexico. His message resonated with the group.  He talk about how we often mistake small-step change that tinkers around the edges for real improvement that results in innovation and continuous progress improvement.  Franklin knows how to engage his participants by activating background knowledge and providing relevant and timely information. His session was highly interactive and stretched the thinking of the group.  Franklin’s insights about innovative improvement efforts were well received. Participants left with a greater understanding of strategies for breakthrough improvements in education and the workplace.”

Dr. Sheri Williams, Assistant Professor, UNM Educational Leadership Program

Thank you Dr. Williams.


Kudos from the Bullying Conference

Franklin presented a safe schools workshop to  attendees at the Bullying Conference held at the Doubletree Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The conference wasco-hosted by the Florida Association of School Administrators, the Florida Association of School Resource Officers and SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere).

Here are comments from attendees at Franklin’s workshop:

” Franklin talks about very serious issues in depth and with humor so that it can be easily understood and related.” D. Wright, Dean of Students, LA

“Franklin’s knowledge and understanding of safe schools is exceptional.” D.Ryan, Police Officer, FL

“Very  informative. Factual information which is truly needed to make an intellectual decision and plan.” T. Ball, School Resource Officer, FL

“Franklin is full of knowledge, and delivers his information in order to educate others.  He also adds a twist of humor”. E. Hudson

“He provides useful information about a heavy subject with enough humor to make it a sad subject bearable.” P. Price, School Counselor,  NC

“Dynamic presenter, very informative and great use of humor.  Presentation considers a variety of learning styles and makes learning fun and engaging.” M. Nickel, Behavior Analyst, FL

“The program was unique, captivation, and packed full of great ideas and information.  It was a great wake-up call about the issues facing our schools.” R. Shaw, Student Coordinator, FL


Wings for Life Presentation

Franklin Schargel delivered a workshop for Wings For Life . Wings Ministry is an organization designed to brings families of prisoners together.

International Executive Director of Wings For LIFE Ann Edenfield Sweet wrote “Franklin Schargel speaks clearly to all members of an audience by mixing humor, wit, and simple common sense to capture the audience’s attention and teach them at the same time.  People of all ages could relate to what he said, understand what he was teaching, and enjoyed his presentation thoroughly.

Thanks again for all you do to help all of us around the world!.  You were fantastic!’




Great Comments From Savannah Youth AT-Risk Conference

Franklin delivered two presentations at the Savannah Youth At-Risk Conference. Here are a few of the positive comments made:

“Excellent! Very Informative.” D. Carlisle, Dept. Chair, Greenville High

“Franklin is a true friend to his fellow educators! He unreservedly shares his wealth of resources to make everyone better!” K. Willis, Special Education Department Chair, Westlake High

“Real life application.  Deals with what schools have struggled with for the past 40 years.” B. Brown, Program Specialist, Houston County BOE, Perry GA

“Franklin’s program shows what to do to prevent school dropouts.  Solve the issue before it becomes a problem.” R. Thomas, Special Education Teacher, LBJ ECHS High School, Austin, Texas

“Franklin’s presentation was informative, engaging and entertaining.  I will definitely remember the material and take it back to my district to share and implement.” J.Cestero, Social Worker, School District of Manatee County

“The program is knowledgeable of issue of today and he presented sensible, great solutions for those issues.  The information can be implemented as soon as you return to school.  Nothing to purchase or any additional cost for the district.” L. Fuller, Lead Teacher, G.W.Carver High School, Columbus GA

“Franklin has the ideas and passion to move us from good to great. He can equip you to go teach to make our children the best students; to never give up on anyone.” A. Zachrison, Assistant Principal, Watertown High School

“Awesome!  Could have listened to Franklin all day… now back to work to implement change!!” J. Sheppard, Director of Special Education, Screven County BOE, Sylvania, GA



Kudos From NDPC Myrtle Beach

Franklin presented two sessions for the National Dropout Prevention Center’s Forum in Myrtle Beach.  Here are a few of his attendees comments:

“Franklin is very dynamic and his material is extremely relevant for anyone working with youth or adolescents.” C.Williams, Director of Social Work, The Leadership Program

“This session was great! Common sense, practical, evidence-based strategies.  Teachers, like me, are starving for this type of information.” B. Tomberlin, Program Consultant, KY DOE

“Wonderfully engaging with information to bring back to my campus and implement now. Inspiring!” A.K. Lene, Chief Academic Officer

“The presentation offers statistics, humor, and resources to improve education and instruction that our children so desperately need.”

“Great presenter! Mr. Schargel keeps the audience engaged at all times with his humorous attitude and interaction with the workshop participants.” B. Bush, Attendance Supervisor, Fairfield County Schools

“This is a great program for all school professionals, parents and community agencies working with at risk!” M. Bullock, DOP School Counselor, Guilford Co. Schools

“Engaging, interesting, motivation, practical, well-supported, exactly what I needed!” L. Herring, Student  Advancement Coach, East Davidson High, NC

“Franklin is full of encouragement and helpful information!” C. Creech, Bahavior Support, Whiteville City Schools

“Factual, helpful, student-centered.” M. Baker, Assistant Principal, Southwest High School, Jacksonville, NC

“On target, informative, insightful, great resources!” L. Ingram, Teacher, Strom Thurmam HS, Johnson, SC

“Franklin’s program is true and brutally honest of what we are experiencing day by day in our schools.  It’s evident that the same things are happening everywhere.” L. Edwards, Inkster Schools.



Kudos From Regional Education Center IV, Houston, Texas

Franklin delivered an all day workshop for the Texas Regional Education Center IV in Houston, Texas.  Here are a couple of  reactions on the evaluations:

Thank you so much for providing an excellent presentation on dropout prevention. You utilized a multimedia approach, humor, stories, and activities which engaged our participants and provided them with practical information they can take back to their districts and use. 

“I loved the way the information was presented. I have begun implementing the information gathered at this training. It was awesome. I love his energy and passion for our at-risk youth. More so, his presentation was suitable for my learning abilities. Often times, we attend trainings where the information is partly relevant to your line of work, but when I left this workshop, not only did I have strategies and new ideas…. I felt empowered and energized to tackle the most challenging circumstances.”

“Participants from our district will review and discuss the strategies presented by Mr. Schargel. Each campus will then identify practices that can be incorporated into their high school completion action plan.” “Spoke with my administrators about his coming to my school.”

Kudos From SREB in New Orleans

Franklin delivered two workshops in New Orleans for the Southern Regional Education Board High School That Works Conference.   Here are some of the extremely positive comments:

Franklin’s presentation cuts to the hear of what is really needed in schools: adults who genuinely care about the students who enter their schools.  M. Kennedy, Principal, St. James, LA


Excellent!! I truly felt empowered and proud to be a teacher.  Thank you.  Classroom Teacher, Eldon, MO

Outstanding thought provoking presentation.  I enjoyed the humorous anecdotes and the number of resources he make available. M. Byers, Director, Alternative Education, Columbia, SC

Franklin’s program is very informative and inspirational. All principals and everyone involved in education should attend this workshop. F. Wells, Sp.. Ed. Teacher, Independence, LA

A valuable session supported by research, collaboration, and most importantly – relevant experience.  Thanks for the cold hard truth!  G Hubbard, Stillwater, OK

Mr. Franklin was informative and very easy to understand.  I will now go to school and work as a better educator.  Thank you. D. Howard, FCS Teacher, Independence, LA

Powerful! Loaded with useful information.  Great!  Wonderful and entertaining presenter!, T. Ligon, Assistant Principal, Columbia, SC

The session was engaging, informative and useful.  G. McDonand, HS Principal, Ft. Smith, AK

Franklin Schargel is a humorous, straight-on educator who hits the nail on the head when speaking on the challenges of dropouts. T. Hancock, Wayne, OK,  Assistant Superintendent

His session was SO RELEVANT! T. Marshall, Graduation Coach, Memphis, TN

This program is uplifting and motivating.  Franklin makes me feel empowered to make a difference!  I Loved it!  Mr. Schargel is a wonderful presenter, who give great strategies and insight! Student Service Director, Sand Springs, OK

Franklin’s program used humor to capture the attention of the attendees and provided practical points to use in our practice.  L. Roberson, HS Principal



Kudos From The Conference on Native American

Franklin delivered several presentations at the Native American Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona.  Here are a few of the comments from the attendees.

“Franklin delivers an inspiring message.  I found it motivational and a good reminder of why it’s important to have compassion, empathy, and patience.  Franklin ask for extended time, you have a message worth hearing in its entirety.’  Outreach Service Coordinator

“Franklin brings the issues to the forefront and isn’t afraid to push improvement on the educational system.  FANTASTIC!” J. Monzingo, Grant Coordinator

“The session was uplifting and provided information that was useful.  I look forward to going back to school and challenging my colleagues to help thing of ways we can improve the climate of our school and be supportive to all students, staff, parents and the community at large.” I didn’t want it to end.” A. Xavier, Graduation Coach

“An hour-fifteen minutes is not enough time with Franklin.  We need his expertise at our school.”  S. Ruff, Academic Counselor

“Philosophical, practical and pleasurably playful!” T. Catron, School Counselor

“Amazing!  Your information was to the point and you had a solution to present, not just the problem.” J. Quiver, At Risk Counselor

“Informative, amazing, hopeful, awesome.” Public Relations Coordinator

“Speaks from dedication, commitment to education and students.” School Administrator

“Franklin’s presentation is so relatable and inspiring.  It really reminds us what our profession is all about!” J. Griffin, School Counselor

“Very practical, reality-based presentation.” L. Bends, U Chair, District Boardd of Trustees

Kudos From Savannah Youth At Risk Conference

Franklin was a featured speaker at the Savannah Youth At Risk Conference and delivered 4 presentations.  Here are some of the comments from participants:

  • “Humorous speaker who engages audience.”  H. Coslick, MSW Student
  • “Franklin’s program was very eye-opening and informative.  He gave information that was relevant and that could immediately protect our students.” T. Hair, Intervention Specialist
  • “It was evident that Franklin is well researched and informed about school violence and prevention.  He provided a historical overview as well as current data to contextualize the challenges we are facing with school violence.” K Leonard,  Stepstones For Youth, Canada
  • “He has a different twist on the usage of words and it really does make sense.  People are more acceptable to improvements than change.”  J. Whatley, Math Chair
  • “Relevant.  Provided wisdom, insight and great strategies.” K. Collier, Assistant Principal
  • Enlightened information that shows the path to true improvement in student achievement.” M. Hoffman, Assistant Principal
  • “Very real and in your face through humor and realism.” T. Terry, Program Coordinator


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