Distance Learning: How do Parents Feel About It? Part 2

This is from a dental hygienist parent

She said it was terrible experience.  She now appreciates teachers more than ever.  She said she was lucky to get 60 minutes total for both kids per day and their typical school day had been from 8 – 2 and she couldn’t get them to concentrate for even 30 minutes each .  She couldn’t help both at the same time as they were both learning at different levels.  She said nothing they were given was new – the kids already knew what they were given.

She is computer literate, but since her kids were young she had to send in all their assignments electronically.  She said she couldn’t imagine doing it if she didn’t understand computers and knew how to type, etc.

She AND her kids couldn’t wait for change to come when she went back to work.  They now are in a camp day-care program with other kids and love the interaction and activities.  Although she was educated and did all kinds of things with her kids, she was SO thankful to go back to work.  Also, we was on unemployment which paid her 100% of her salary, but still she couldn’t wait for it to end.  She felt her kids felt the same way.