Distance Learning: How do Parents Feel About It?

Parents, because of the coronavirus lockdown have had to adopt  new unfamiliar roles. In addition to having to be a parent with all of the responsibilities that entails, they have had to serve as a teacher as well. This is in addition to working, a 9-5 job.

I am indebted to my friend and colleague, Ann Edenfield Sweet, Executive Director/Founder of Wings For LIFE International for sending this to me and for giving me permission to use it.

I’ve heard most parents say the distance learning educational piece has been a joke.  Problems have been:

  1. Not a computer at home or if they have one, they have to TRY to share it with the whole family – that doesn’t work.
  2. Parents don’t understand technology so just give up on trying to even get the programs, much less try to help their kids with the work.
  3. The kids can’t focus on the work and parents don’t have time to help them and don’t understand the work.
  4. It’s been difficult to set up routines so there are none and everyone just “does their own thing.”
  5. Kids hoard the computer and won’t share it.  They usually are NOT doing their homework.
  6. They don’t have enough work space for everyone to try to get work done (parents), homework for kids, etc.  So basically nothing gets done.
  7. Parents can’t wait to get their kids back in school – COVID or not COVID.

While these views are not necessarily the views of all parents, I believe that they represent the views of the parents to whom I have spoken.