Dr. Steve Sroka’s Message, March 17

I am honored to call Dr. Steve Sroka a friend. He issuing interviewed by NBC in his home town and I will be posting his messages as soon as he posts new ones. His advice is insightful as well as informed.


Morning Friends,
Coronavirus is at a tipping point.
Here is a Message of Hope, not gloom.
With the 3 H’s. Hope. Honesty. Hunker Down.
Coronavirus Update Tuesday, March17, 2020.
Just finished this interview with NBC.
Please feel free to share the link.
Be prepared with facts. Not scared with fears. Stay tuned. Things change fast.
Stay home, stay distanced, stay connected, Steve

Stephen R. Sroka, Ph.D.,
President, Health Education Consultants
Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University
(216) 554-0798 cell
“You have the Power of One to start a fire. But you need the Power of Many to keep the fire burning.”