Coronavirus, Schools and Students

The governors from five states (Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, Oregon and New Mexico) have already closed all of their schools because of the Coronavirus. State governors, and mayors are moving quickly to address the situation, but the circumstances are  fluid and rapidly changing. The actions being taken will, hopefully, slow the spread of the virus.

What should those schools in states where schools are still open, do? While we do not want to unduly scare the children, we need to give them and their parents the knowledge to deal with the situation. The more we give them knowledge, the less likely rumors will determine their actions. Principals can teach young children how to wash their hands. The Wall Street Journal printed instructions on handwashing (

In science classes, teachers can teach them what a virus is. English and Social Studies teachers can use non-fiction books (Viruses vs. Bacteria: Knowing the Difference, Green Genius Guide: What Are Bacteria, Viruses and Fungus? A Planet of Viruses) and videos about viruses (Contagion, Andromeda Strain).

Schools need to base their decisions on the best medical and scientific information and not the loudest voice. The best source of information is the Centers for Disease Control (