The Problems of Teacher Recruitment

The following quiz appeared in Education Week. See how well you do with this quiz:


  1. Which of the following areas of instruction have experienced teacher shortages in every state?
    1. Special education
    2. Foreign Language
    3. Nath & Science
    4. All of the above
  2. True or False. The number of people completing teacher-preparation programs is declining.
  3. True or False. Though a majority of students in American public schools are children of color, non-white teachers comprise less than a quarter of the teacher corps.
  4. Which of the following areas of instruction has experienced the most recurrent teacher shortages?
    1. Special education
    2. Math
    3. Computer science
    4. Foreign languages
  5. True or False. Most college students who consider teaching end up pursuing the profession.
  6. What percentage of U.S. teachers think that society values teaching as a profession?
    1. 22 percent
    2. 36 percent
    3. 51 percent
    4. 79 percent
  7. True or False. Teachers make 90 cents for every dollar paid to people in different professions with the same level of education.