Reviews from Denver Presentation regarding Who Will Teach The Children? book

“Engaging, experienced educator”.

“Absolutely amazing presentation! The data, the research, the solutions!” D. Thomas, Teacher, OK

“Lots of facts to support topics. ¬†Thank you for addressing a topic that is often over-looked -the dropout rate of educators.”

“I’m grateful to hear someone talk about this issue with such passion and in support of teachers.” B. Moraja, Teacher, Colorado

“Franklin is both witty and quite enthusiastic and knowledgeable about what’s lacking in education and in our country.”

“Excellent presenter! He was informative and comical! He is well educated in his subject matter and he has presented it a lighthearted manner. Well done!” S. Bitz, Pathways Program Teacher, Alaska

“Thought provoking!” V. Tiblier, H.S. Principal, Ottawa, Canada

“Real life, no BS ideas and discussion of education.” E. Schalk, Director of Secondary Education, AK

“Franklin’s program is comprehensive and inclusive.” T Franklin, Coordinator, Early Childhood, Fort Myers, FL

“Great historical view of Teacher Shortage.” C. Craft, Academic Compliance

“Gives a sense of direction or improvement.”

“Very informative and information easy to understand.” ¬†Assistant Principal

“HIs statements about all levels of education are refreshing.” G. Westerberg, Teacher, Clovis, HS

“The presentation was stirring and pushes you out of a comfort minded. Improving the retention rate teachers can be worked in at every level.” Assistant Principal., Clovis NM