Article on Increasing School Attendance Has Just Been Posted

I am honored to be a member of the Akribos Group. They have just posted my article on increasing School Attendance. You can find the article here or by visiting you can see their website and download additional articles from other members of the group.


Increasing School Attendance
By: Franklin Schargel, Akribos Professional Associate

Students who are not in school frequently do not learn. Did you know that missing just two days a month is equal to missing 10 percent of the school year and could lead to a student’s falling behind? In most states, that is defined as a habitual truant. A habitual truant refers to a child of compulsory school age who is absent without a legitimate excuse for five or more consecutive school days, seven or more school days in one month or twelve or more school days in a school year. Not only does this impact on a child, their parents but the school and the school district as well. Schools and their leaders are rated on their performance in part by the number of students who regularly attend. In some states, school funding is based on the number of students who attend regularly.  What can leaders do to encourage students to attend?

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