Updating the 15 Effective Strategies to Solve Our School Dropout Problem

Dr. Jay Smink, the past executive director of the National Dropout Prevention Center at Clemson University, the staff  at the National Dropout Prevention Center and I have been honored to have been recognized by the US Department of Education and the National Education Goals Panel as developing the ‘most effective strategies to solve our school dropout problem.’

As I explain at my workshops and in my books, the strategies which are data-driven and research-based are effective but their effectiveness is increased by having:

  • Visionary, empowering leadership
  • a school culture which supports student learning and is not toxic to students, parents and staff.
  • a high performing classroom.

At my workshops I explain that I am merely planting seeds that need to be watered and fertilized.

I have presented workshops and keynote addresses at National Conferences, in 14 foreign countries, in 49 states and at numerous school districts. If you wish to contact me call @ 505/480-6611 or at [email protected]