Why Are Schools Eliminating Art, Music and Physical Education

School budgets are shrinking as states are attempting to make up for tax losses. One of the first places school boards make cuts are in art, music and physical education. These “frills” are the reasons why many children come to school in the first place. Each of the subjects listed above allows and encourages free expression. Every society in the world has them all and they are universally understood. Individuals are shaped through their artistic expression.

Students are becoming increasingly obese so eliminating a controlled, mandated physical education course in school helps keep weight loss to a minimum. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention¬†(CDC)¬†report in 2014,, “nearly one-third of children between the ages 2-19 are overweight or obese. My personal observations delivering workshops or travel indicate that this is a global problem. Overweight or obese children are at a higher rate for having heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer and are more likely to stay overweight as adults.

Could it be that these course are being eliminated or cut back is because the nation’s focus is on testing and these subjects cannot be tested?

Just asking.