Should Guns Be Allowed in Schools?

From a New York Times Report, 5/26, 2017

CLIO, Mich. — When Kenneth Herman visits his daughter’s school, the handgun holstered to his right hip is visible to anyone. And that has caused him problems. School officials have denied Mr. Herman access to school buildings, asked him to wait in the principal’s office and called the Sheriff’s Department on him. So, Mr. Herman sued Clio Area Schools for the right to carry his weapon openly on school grounds, and in August he won the case. The district has appealed.

The two sides are divided over legislation introduced by Republicans in the State Senate that would allow people with the proper permits to carry concealed weapons at schools, but would ban open carry there. The measure could come up for a vote before the end of the year.

Michigan law on weapons in schools is complex, and to some extent unsettled. Like many states, Michigan bans concealed guns at schools, sports arenas and other places. But the judge in the Clio case found that residents can take handguns into those spaces provided they carry them openly and have concealed pistol licenses. Guns, openly carried can be brought into libraries in the state.

The legislation would apply to schools covering kindergarten through 12th grade, and seeks to extend concealed-carry rights to colleges, bars, day care centers and other areas where such guns are currently restricted. The legality of guns on public college campuses remains murky: The University of Michigan bans weapons on its property, but that policy has been challenged in court.

Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican, who has said individual school districts should have the option of banning guns altogether.

I would have thought that the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School would have taught the country about the ‘right” of carrying guns in schools. Obviously, I was wrong. I guess that the next violent school incident in school would teach the country another lesson. It is interesting that today’s New York Times had reports of two students bringing guns to school.