The Trump/DeVos Education Budget


  • When Donald Trump ran for president he promised to change –not improve, education. He has kept his promise. He and his Education Secretary are proposing to do exactly that. Their budget calls for deep cuts to public education while making substantial funding for “school choice programs”. In the White House’s spending proposal, hundreds of millions of the dollars would go toward charter-school and voucher initiatives, while another $1 billion in grants would encourage states to adopt school-choice policies,” While Trump and Betsy DeVos chose private schools for their kids, with small class sizes, they want to eliminate the federal funding that helps America’s public schools lower class sizes.
  • Trump says there is nothing more important than being a teacher, but he eliminates the loan forgiveness program that helps students pursue teaching careers, eliminates funding for teacher preparation and educator support, and guts most other programs that alleviate student debt or make college more affordable.
  • Trump says vocational education is the way of the future yet slashes career and technical education funding.
  • DeVos promised not to hurt children with special needs, but the budget cuts one-quarter of the Medicaid funding that now pays for essential school-based services like physical therapists, feeding tubes and other medical equipment, and health screenings.
  • President Trump says that vocational education is the way to improve employment but is cutting Career and Technical Education Funding by $168 million.
  • Secretary DeVos has proposed cutting funding for Special Education via Medicaid that pays for school-based services like physical therapists, feeding tubes and mental health screenings.
  • Proposed cuts to Title 1 funding including $550 million in direct Title 1 funds.
  • Cuts $9.2 billion in the US Department of Education funding or 13.6 percent of the spending level Congress approved last month.
  • After-school programs are cut by $1.2 billion that currently serves 16. million students.
  • $2.1 billion dollars are cut for teacher training and class size reduction.
  • A program that provides $15 million for child-care for low-income parents in college would be cut.
  • And the list continues….

Figures supplied by Emma Brown, Valerie Strauss and Denielle Douglas-Gabriel in the Washington Post, May 22, 2017

Petition your local Senators, and Representatives to stop this insanity.  Contact friends and family to do the same.  The jobs you save may be your own.  The lives you save will be your students.