High School Graduation Rate Rises Again

According to the (NCES) The National Center for Educational Statistics, the nation’s high school graduation rate reached its highest recorded peak in 2015 — although big disparities remain among African-American, Hispanic and low-income students. According to President Obama the graduation rate has risen to 83.2%

The District of Columbia saw the biggest one-year increase in graduation rates in the country last year, from 61.4% to 68.5%.

Minority groups still lagged behind their white peers, but saw bigger gains over the past year: the graduation rate for black students rose to 74.6% (a 2.1 point increase); for Hispanic students to 77.8% (1.5 points), Native Americans to 76.1% (1 point), and low-income students to 76.1% (1.5 points). Students learning English as a second language saw the biggest gains of any subgroup, a 2.5 point increase to 65.1%. Special Education graduation rate rose to 64.6 percent.

State-by-state results also show graduations rates rising almost everywhere.