Teen Birth Rates Fall in the U.S.

The Hispanic birth rate fell 51 percent – from 77 births per thousand Hispanic females ages 15 to 19.  The black rate fell 44 percent – from 62 to 35 per 1000. The white birth rate fell from 35 percent fell from 27 to 17 percent per 1000.

The teen birth rate fell nearly 50 percent in Arizona, Colorado and Connecticut, but only 13 percent in North Dakota and 15 percent in West Virginia. Arkansas, Mississippi and New Mexico have the higher teen birth rate while Massachusetts and New Hampshire have the lowest.

What are the implications of these statistics?  First, the country is becoming increasingly less white and more minority.  Second, schools in most places are seeing the increase in minority faces, first.  

We need to ask what has driven this decrease? is it being caused by the poor state of the economy? Or simply better education?