Sex Education in Schools

Teaching about sex in schools is often a taboo subject.  Accurate and specific sex education classes can reduce pregnancy teen pregnancy, which makes girls more likely to dropout of school. In addition, nearly 20 million new sexually transmitted infections are reported each year, almost half are diagnosed in teens and young people.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention have issued a new report on the teaching of sex education in schools.

  • 94 percent of high schools taught students the benefits of abstaining from sex
  • 88 percent explained that few sexual partners is better than more
  • 92 percent discussed how friends and school cultures influence sexual behavior
  • 92 percent explained to 9-12 students how sexually transmitted diseases are are spread
  • 85 percent taught schools how to get products and services to protect them STDs and pregnancy
  • 70 percent explained how to use condoms
  • 60 percent¬† told students how to get condoms
  • 54 percent¬† demonstrated how to use them correctly

The report states, “young people who have multiple sex partners, don’t use condoms, and use drugs or alcohol before sex are at higher risk for HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections”.