Girls’ Education – The facts

Millions of females around the world are still being denied an education.  According to the Education for All Global Monitoring Report:

PRIMARY SCHOOL: There are still 31 million girls of primary school age out of school.  Of these 17 million are expected never to enter school.  There are 4 million fewer boys than girls out of school.    Three countries have over a million girls not in school.  In Nigeria there are almost five and a half million, Pakistan, over three million, and in Ethiopia, over one million girls out of school.

SKILLS:  Slow educational progress for children today will have lifelong effects:  Almost a quarter of young women aged 15-24 today in developing countries have never completed primary school and so lack skills for work.  Young women make up 58% of those not completing primary school.

LITERACY:  Two-thirds of the 774 million illiterate people in the world are female.