New Dropout Report

I am honored to have been acknowledged in a very significant research report issued by the issued by the Darden College of Education of Old Dominion University Meta-Analysis of Dropout Prevention Outcomes and Strategies. The study is the result of two years of work by a team of professors led by Dr. Shanan Chappell of Old Dominion University in Virginia as well as professors from Kent State University and Clemson University.

The meta-analysis brings the 15 effective strategies, which I helped formulate, to a more scientific level to promote the effectiveness of the strategies in combating the national dropout crisis. As the report states, “there have been no rigorous syntheses of dropout prevention strategies to help identify the most successful features of these efforts and assist educators and policymakers categorize programs based on scientific evidence.” The initiative was designed  to provide sound, empirical support of the most effective strategies for preventing dropouts and improving graduation rates for all students.

The study provides new and actionable information about the 15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention that has formed the foundation for the improvement of graduation rates in most states.  The strategies are currently being used successfully in all school levels from K-12 and in rural, suburban and urban settings.

The report is available on the National Dropout Prevention web site.