5 Tips to Use Social Media in Classrooms

Students use social media all of the time.  As educators, we can take advantage of the time students are using by using social media ourselves. How about actually using social media to your benefit in the classroom. It’s not all that difficult and does not really require major technological establishments. Teachers can easily achieve engagement amongst your students by engaging in social media. Here are 5 tips or strategies that you can apply if you want to use social media and create a student base.

The Classroom Facebook Group

Teachers can  create a group for their subject. Your entire class can be on Facebook. Teachers can use it to share an update about the class, or a reading material for the class, and update absentees. It can also be used to have outside classroom discussions scheduled on Facebook.

Hashtag a Topic

You can start a Twitter feed over a topic, and carry out live chats and discussions through this medium. This can be used to make tracking discussion easy, and would make the discussion interesting and interactive too. With more and more participants becoming aware of the discussion, the subject would gain interaction and also different viewpoints. This is what education is all about. Different viewpoints and definite concerns are addressed through Twitter. So, why not use it to your benefit?

Blogging your Way

When it comes to digital technology especially social media, Teachers can ideally look at blogs as a journal that will help them connect with their students. There are many teachers who blog on several topics including tips to study and how to conduct a project. In fact, some teachers share their viewpoint on a particular topic and even carry out discussions on topics being taught in the class through their blogs. In fact, students should also be encouraged to blog.

Work through Instagram

There’s nothing like Instagram when it comes to showcasing student work and talent. They can easily create an Instagram profile and show to the world the kind of creativity and dimension of thinking they possess. They can use Instagram to create artwork and other pieces work,.

Videos Through YouTube

Student classrooms have the ability to view and create videos on YouTube. This adds a dimension to their learning.

Connect through social media with your students and make your knowledge sharing process interactive. You can use technology like your students and combine it with social media to create a tech classroom, which is essential to manage the digital students.