Center for Aggressive Management

I met John Byrnes, the founder and CEO of the Center for Aggressive Management at the International Bullying Conference where I keynoted.  We spoke and I believe that he has something to offer my readers. 

Most parents, superintendents, teachers and staff are under the impression that their children are safe in our schools (in loco parentis).  But are they? School violence continues and sadly we continue to react to it, we do not prevent it!


Why are we not preventing these events?  Programs thought to prevent violence, only react to it.

  1. Obviously, programs like Crisis Management, Active-shooter Training, are reactions to a crisis.
  2. Further, programs we may think prevent violence, like Threat Assessment, Mental Health Assessments, Conflict Resolution and even Bullying programs only position us to react to these threats, they do not prevent bullying and violence.

As an example: “Threat Assessment” is thought to prevent violence.  But Threat Assessment, by its definition, is an assessment of an existing threat.  The hope is to identify an initial lesser threat and thereby prevent a subsequent greater threat, but there is no assurance that the initial “lesser threat” will not be a threat to life or limb.  We must learn to prevent even initial threatening behavior, but how?

The term, “Bullying” presupposes someone exhibiting bullying behavior. We are reacting to initial bullying behavior, not preventing it.  How can we reliably prevent even initial bullying behavior?


Any valid solution must contain the following attributes:

  1. A solution must contain objective and measurable indicators that enable its users to get out in front of (foresee the precursors to) bullying and violence in order to prevent it, “identifying someone on the path to bullying and/or violence.”
  2. Consistent with the “Safe School Initiative Study,” on December 16, 2013, the FBI has affirmed this approach, when FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit’s Behavioral Threat Assessment Center’s Chief, Andre Simmons, stated their ability to prevent violence is predicated on identifying a person who is “on a pathway to violence.”

The Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) is a unique and proprietary system that not only reliably prevents school bullying and violence; but it does so in an empirical and forensic way, the highest form of evidence-based Best Practices.  The Center for Aggression Management has spent the past twenty-one years developing this preventive solution for bullying and violence. This is not mere training but a system that enables a school district to get beyond simple reaction to bullying and violence to achieve reliable prevention?”

The Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) is a system, founded upon principles of the Safe School Initiative Study, “identifying a student on the path to violence.”  Providing scientifically validated methods of preventing bullying and violence in schools.

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