Who Knew?

I started posting articles on this website on December 15, 2007.  This is my 1,000th post.  I am indebted to all readers, like you, who have viewed and suggested other topics.

This site has reached all corners of the earth.  I am amazed where this is read.  We have reached close to  500,000 views, almost 225,000 unique, first time viewers.

Readers in the United States make up 2/3 of the readers and Canadians almost 8 percent.  I would have expected that but after Canada comes readers from Morocco, and the Philippines.  Readers are coming as well from high-performing nations like Japan, Finland, and Singapore.  Obviously dropout prevention is a global issue.

I continue to write articles and books and to do workshops, keynotes and presentations.

Thanks again for your readership and suggestions.  Keep reading.

Till # 2,000, I remain,

Franklin Schargel