It’s Too Easy To Become A Teacher

According to a report from the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) in a survey of 2,420 teacher preparation programs at the 1,130 institutions that prepare 99 percent of America’s the new teachers, it is far too easy to get into a teacher preparation program.

Three out of four elementary teacher preparation programs aren’t event teaching the methods of reading instruction that could lower the number of children who never become proficient readers.  “Just 7 percent of programs ensure that their student teachers will have uniformly strong experiences such as only allowing them to be placed in classrooms taught by teachers who are themselves effective.”

Could this be the reason why so many of the public schools are failing?  It is more complicated that finding a singular causation for failure but this is obviously one of the causes.  If we want our nations schools to be high performing than we need to insure that the institutions that are preparing them are high performing.