Chicken Little Was Right

According to George Will:

  • A Tennessee Judge ordered a family to change their child’s name, Messiah, because that name had been “earned by only one person”.
  • At a Maryland school, a kindergartener was interrogated for more than 2 hours before notifying his mother because the child had brought an cap gun to school.
  • In Michigan, educators forced a family to remove plastic soldiers from a bunch of cupcakes that had been brought to school to celebrate the child’s birthday.
  • In Modesto Junior College a student, was told to stop distributing copies of the US Constitution until he had filled out the proper forms for permission to use the designated “free speech area.”
  • The British education secretary said children should learn to add, subtract and memorize some of the names of kinds and queens.  The teacher’s union objected because it accused the minister of totalitarianism.
  • There is a course at American University in Washington, DC entitled “The 50 Shades Trilogy”.
  • High Rollers are adult versions of Big Wheels and are being sold for $600.
  • In Washington DC, the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority threatened to arrest Henry Docter for the crime of unregulated gardening.  It seem Mr. Docter had filled 176 empty planter at the Dupont Circle subway station with 1,000 morning glories which the authority proceeded to rip out.
  • Canadian relief supplies bound for Oklahoma tornado victims was stopped at the US border until every item could be itemized in alphabetical order and its country of origin noted.
  • According to an article by Esther Cepeda, the new Common Core Curriculum calls for students to have 70 percent of their reading to be in nonfiction by the year 2014.  Taking the joy of reading from students.

I hope you had a laugh, as I did and remember Big Brother is really watching.