New York State Delays Full Implementation of the Common Core

The New York Daily News reports that New York has delayed the full implementation of the Common Core for 5 years.  The state Board of Regents, in response to criticism from parents and teachers, has slowed down the reforms. They gave schools also said for the next two years, teachers wouldn’t suffer consequences of poor performances on tests linked to Common Core, gutting a key part of the state’s controversial teacher evaluation system.

The Common Core standards now being implemented in schools statewide have been adopted by more than 40 states and first appeared on New York state exams last year, causing a gigantic drop in test scores. Teachers, advocates and politicians blamed the state’s education brass for ruining the rollout of the tougher standards by failing to prepare teachers and students.

The Regents’ new plan will give the state until 2022 to hold high school students to the tougher standards, instead of the previous deadline of 2017.
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I favor the high standards of the Common Core with reservations.  Teachers need to be trained in how to implement the Common Core Standards and resources such as money and time needs to be set aside to aid in the implementation.  Until, and unless this is done, the Common Core will go the route of implementing the metric system and “new math”.