I am indebted to Youth Today for seeking out and identifying these grants.  More grants can be found on their website.

 The General Mills Foundation – Champions for Healthy Kids program

Deadline: March 15th, 2014

Through the Champions for Healthy Kids program, the General Mills Foundation will award 50 grants of to nonprofit organizations working to improve nutrition and physical fitness behaviors for youth. The Foundation will begin accepting applications February 1, 2014.

Funder: The General Mills Foundation

Eligibility: Organizations must have a current 501(c)(3) Public Charity status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), be a school or a unit of government. Programs should be focused towards youth ages 2-18. Program must incorporate physical education and nutrition education. A registered dietician or registered dietetic technician must oversee the delivery of the nutrition education.

Amount: $10,000


Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation – Child Welfare and Health Grants

Deadline: Ongoing.

The Ross Foundation provides direct aid and assistance to vulnerable children, including those who are ill, orphaned, disabled, injured, disfigured, abused and malnourished or have limited access to education.  They are looking for small grassroots projects that they can fully fund or nearly fully fund with the small grants that they make.  The Ross Foundation is less interested in larger projects or capital campaigns that are better left to larger foundations and organizations.

Funder: Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation

Eligibility: The Ross Foundation provides financial assistance to organizations that are qualified under the laws of the United States Department of the Treasury as a charitable organization for projects that directly benefit vulnerable children. The foundation typically does not fund day-to-day operations, individuals, conferences, day care or public education. Water projects are limited to schools, orphanages and medical centers where children predominate.

Amount: Generally $1,000 – $15,000. Larger grants are made occasionally.

The Harry Chapin Foundation – Community Education, Arts-In-Education, and Agricultural and Environmental Grant Programs??Deadline: Ongoing.?The Foundation will focus its funding program in the following areas: community education programs that identify community needs and mobilize resources to meet them, fostering social and economic justice; arts in education programs and other approaches to educating young people which create a healthier and more peaceful world; agricultural programs that support the preservation of individually-owned farms and support for citizen organizations that promote equitable food production and distribution; and environmental programs which promote a safe and sustainable environment.?Funder: The Harry Chapin Foundation

Eligibility: 501(c)(3) not for profit programs that operate in the United States.?Amount: up to $10,000


Conservation Program to Introduce Youth to Natural Resource Conservation Careers??Deadline: December 4th, 2014?The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) intends to award funds to the Student Conservation Association (SCA) for a period not to exceed five years. The funds are intended to provide an introductory developmental educational experience of natural resource careers to young people, including culturally, ethnically and economically diverse students, through training, hands-on experience and mentoring at a variety of USFWS programs including, but not limited to, national wildlife refuges, fish hatcheries, and ecological services offices. Under this program, individuals and/or groups of youth and young adults will be introduced to natural resources careers through hands-on work with, and training by, natural resource professionals employed by the USFWS.?Funder: Fish and Wildlife Service?Eligibility: Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education.?Amount: Unspecified.