What Parents Can Do To Protect Their Child From The Internet

What Parents Can Do To Protect Their Child From The Internet

 Children enjoy the interactivity of computers and smart telephones but they also need to be made aware of the dangers.

  • Giving Away Personal Information – Insist that your children never reveal their names, addresses, telephone numbers, their ages or the schools they attend.  If your child has an email address, check it to make sure it doesn’t have clues to their identity such as first or last name, or their birth date.
  • “Free” Gifts – Children like to believe that every time they enter a contest, they will win.  Spammers are aware of this naiveté and take advantage of it by offering “free gifts” in exchange for information.  Train your child not to complete online surveys or to buy anything without seeking your permission.
  • Don’t Be Too Trusting – Children who use social media sites like Twitter, or Facebook do not realize that some people using the sites may be disguising themselves and their identities.  Your children should never agree to meet with anyone they do not know that they met online.
  • Online Means Forever – Children tend to post suggestive pictures or personal information on the web.  Colleges and potential employers are accessing that information.  Teach your children never to post things on the web that they would later in life regret.

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