Students Need College Level Knowledge – Not A Degree

With the poor state of the economy, college graduates with a Bachelor of Arts Degree are having difficulty obtaining a job which takes advantage of their education. a company which collects data on salaries, reports that while 63% of those age 18-29 have a bachelor’s degree, the majority of the jobs the graduates have taken don’t require one, according to a survey of 500,000 young workers.

Another survey by Rutgers University in New Jersey, indicates that half of graduates in the past five years say their jobs didn’t require a four-year degree and only 20% said their first job was on their career path.

For young people, this does not mean, don’t go to college.  Many jobs require college level, reading and writing skills, college level math and college level science.   This website has a list of the 50 best jobs for the next 20 years.  Search for it.  Follow your passion, whether it be in art, music, or theatre but be aware of the needs of your employment and those of your heart.!