Where Mr. Romney Stands on Education

While most of the focus of the upcoming presidential election is on the economy and jobs, it is interesting to note where the candidates stand on education.  Mr. Romney has released a 35 page white paper describing his position on education and you can read from it or look at Mr. Romney’s previous statements at

Here are a number of things that you can learn from his statements and previous positions:

  • “Millions of kids are getting a third-world education.  And America’s minority children suffer the most.”  He has stated that he would let low-income and disabled students use federal money to attend public schools, charter schools and some private schools  It is not expected that he were elected that there would be any new federal money for education.
  • As governor of Massachusetts, he signed into law a bill which cost 14,500 teachers, librarians, and school police officers their jobs.
  • His education policy advisers include former Education Secretary Rod Paige (the “father” of No Child Left Behind) and other people from President George w. Bush’s administration.  Mr. Paige labeled the National Education Association in 2004 a “terrorist organization”.
  • Mr. Romney’s position on education has changed in recent years.  He once supported abolishing the Education Department but reversed that position in 2007.  He also changed his position on No Child.  As a presidential candidate in 2007 he supported the law but has generally come out against the policies because of its expansion of the federal government’s role in education.