Using Ipad and Games to Improve Learning

I have long been a fan of IAN JUKES and I am a subscriber to his blogs, Your Committed Sardine Blog.  You can also subscribe to his website and get the most interesting information.  Either Google IAN JUKES or the Committed Sardine.  The following was posted by Andrew Charles.

Simple Physics

Here you are required to build structures for a specific task. In the image below, its a bomb shelter. The task is to build a shelter that withstands the explosion and remains within budget. The lower the cost, the more points. To build it you must consider angles and strength, direction, and force. It’s fun and engaging. But its more than a bomb shelter—you build dams, cranes, tree houses, submarines, and staircases, too.



This is a similar physics game to Simple Physics. Here you use logic, force, motion, and mechanics to solve a series of problems. The game is supported by tutorials (see below) that assist you in developing your solution. They are not easy, either—there is considerable challenge involved in this game!


Rush Hour

This is a change of style and genre, but is an excellent learning and thinking game. This is a computer simulation of the real game of the same name. The objective is to move the cars in a sequence that allows you to release the red car from the grid lock it is in. The number of cars and the complexity of the sequence varies from easy to hard. It’s a great game for developing logic and process.



This stands for Word Examination Laboratory for Dynamic Extraction and Reassessment. Yeah, its a trifle ostentatious, but behind this mouthful lies a great game for the english student. Simply rearrange the letters and add in a few to create words (they have over 15,000 loaded in the dictionary). Spell the word correctly, score the points, and the letters are removed. It is a very addictive game.


It’s easy to overlook the potential of games for learning. Find a game that matches your learning objectives, that reinforces a concept, or that provides a different mode of understanding, and you can unlock a world of engagement and fun.