Able Village

Dr. Harold Shinitzky is a colleague and a friend who is the co-author (along with Dr. Christopher Cortman) of “Your Mind:  An Owner’s Manual For A Better Life:  10 Simple Truths That Will Set You Free.” Harold is the 2009 recipient of the Florida Psychological Association Distinguished Psychologist Award and the 2009 FPA Outstanding Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest Award.  He has also developed positive peer-oriented prevention programs for high-risk youth.

Able Village is an Internet-based, referral network by which patients and family members can find resources, providers and helpful information.  Members have access to finding every type of provider in their geographic area from our searchable database.  No longer are you alone.  Medical and social Blogs and Forums, healthcare articles and educational videos are all accessible.  Every provider receives a free, no charge web-page to double their existing marketing efforts or use as a stand-alone. No longer are you wondering what steps to take for the healthcare of your loved one.  Professionals share their expertise as well as patients/caretaker share the lessons they have learned.

Able Village is divided into two communities.

  1. Community One – people with medical or mental health conditions, as well as their caretakers.  As a Registered patient/caretaker Member of Able Village you may navigate throughout the site.  When you select the Directory icon, you may use the Searchable Database for every range of healthcare services in your area based on your needs.  As a Registered Member you may select the Resources icon and be lead to the latest research on the topic of your interest in our Article subsection.  Additionally, you may choose to learn from others who have experienced similar circumstances in our Blog subsection.  Registered Able Village Members may discover state and national agencies for assistance, guidance and resources.  You may select the Village Video icon to enjoy and learn from informative videos posted by other members.  Lastly, you may select the Village Social icon and join a Social Network of individuals with others who can share their successes in life.


  1. Community Two – people who provide services, resources, treatment, information to those with medical or mental health conditions. A Neurologist for issues associated with the brain to a Hair Stylist who is familiar with working with someone who has Sensory Integration Disorder.  A Psychologist for evaluating or treating a person with mental health or medical illness to a Tutor for a child with a Learning Disability.  A Developmental Pediatrician to a Residential Treatment facility.  As a Registered Professional Member you may promote your practice in our No Charge Directory Listing.  You may create your own interactive, visually appealing web-page.  If you know how to type and use Word, you can create a colorful and creative web-page that you control.  Update it anytime.  List your services by searchable key words and if you want link this page to an existing web-page.  It’s easy and Free. As a Registered Professional Member you may upload helpful articles within the Resource icon section, you may view or upload clinically helpful videos of your specialty.  You may join the Village Connect and electronically share your business care with other professionals.  Lastly, you too may join the Village Social and directly share information with the general members.

With Able Village you are no longer are alone.  Able Village is one site that connects patients/caretakers with specialists to provide comprehensive care.  For more information go to or call Dr. Shinitzky at 727-560-2697.