Things Babies Born In 2011 Will Never Know.

The most popular thing I have ever posted on this website is “25 Things Which Will be Extinct in 25 years.”  I do not know who sent it to me.  If I did I would give them credit.  This was posted by xenohistorian

Things are changing very rapidly.  Educators will have difficulty explaining the following to their students.

1.  VCRs & VHS tapes
2.  Travel agents
3.  Separation between work life and personal life
4.  Forgetting
5.  Bookstores
6.  Watches
7.  Phone sex via 1-900 numbers
8.  Maps
9.  Calling people on the phone (as opposed to texting)
10. Classified ads in newspapers
11. Dial-up Internet
12. Encyclopedias on the shelf
13. CDs
14. Landline Phones
15. Film and film cameras
16. Yellow pages and address books
17. Catalogs
18. Fax machines
19. Wires
20. Hand-written letters