Uplifting School Film

Tony Thacker, my co-author Schools Where Teachers Lead, Creating School Cultures That Embrace Learning, and From At-Risk to Academic Excellence will be featured in the new documentary “American Teacher” directed by Vanessa Roth and Brian McGinn and narrated by Matt Damon. The documentary follows teachers as they face day to day struggles and is interspersed with interviews conducted with experts. Tony Thacker was chosen to be interviewed following a presentation he gave at a NCTAF Conference in Washington D.C – a sizeable portion of his interview was used in the documentary.

At the 34th Annual Philadelphia International Film Festival, “American Teacher” received the silver award in the documentary category. The documentary will officially the american teacherdebut on September 23rd, 2011, in New York and Los Angeles. The documentary will also screen on September 29th,2011 in San Francisco and October 3rd, 2011 in Boston.

After being beaten down by governors, the media and the film, “Bad Teacher” this film should uplift your spirits.