Kudos from Virginia

Franklin recently spoke in Virginia and received rave reviews.  Here are a selection of them:

“Franklin sees the needs of students first, not their ethnicity and biased expectations.”  S. Perrin, Teacher

“One of the best presentations I have ever attended.  I wish all educators could experience this empowerment.”  T. Hudgins, 1st grade teacher

“Franklin reminds us that we teach children, not subject material.”  J. Riva, Math teacher

“His presentation goes to the core of our teaching system inequities.  Presents very simple, common sense ideas that can be implemented with just a change in our attitude and how we perceive our students.” Science Faculty Member

“Franklin is a dynamic speaker with heart and soul!  Franklin’s passion is contagious and very motivating.”  C. Balderson, Principal

“The program was one of the few staff development sessions that I have attended where I truly believed the presenter understood the challenges of today’s educator.”  H. Poulson, 1st grade teacher

“Lots of speakers know the theory, but Mr. Schargel has actually been in the trenches.”  S.Rushing, FACS  Teacher