Kudos from Garland Texas

Franklin recently spoken in Garland, Texas.  Here are some of the written comments:

“Very motivating to help our struggling learners succeed.”  C. Kent, Student Success Coordinator

“Real world application.”  T. Anders, English Teacher

“Strategies with little or no impact on the budget. Great presentation” F. Rush, Teacher

“The two videos at the end were encouraging and emotionally moving.” “informative and inspiring data to prove his statements and  real life experiences to back them up.” H.S. Principal

“Real strategies for real problems.”  L. Fussell, Principal

“Eye opening.” Teacher

“It made me proud to be an educator.” S. Dorman,Counselor

“Real, fun and inspirational.”  M. Brieske, Counselor

“The presentation was filled with excellent, valuable information.  Extremely passionate, inspiring.”  Curriculum Director

“Outstanding” P. Montgomery, House Principal

“What education should be about. Thanks for the refresher course.”  S. Schwarz, Counselor

“Absolutely wonderful!  Interesting, stimulating and motivating.”  Counselor

“Franklin’s program is insightful, not to mention extremely useful.”  P. Herron, English Teacher

“Franklin understands and empathizes with teachers, while giving them tools to go out and make improvements, not just changes in their schools.” B. Steele

“The best presentation in my teaching career.”  L. Johnson, English Teacher