Politicians – What’s Wrong With These People?

I have returned from a trip to Texas, where the Governor of the state (who might run for president) has just slashed educational spending. This has resulted in the laying off of thousands of educators.  But it is not just happening in Texas.  All across the country, education and educators are under assault.  From New York State, through Wisconsin to California, substantial cuts are being made in education without regard to parents, students, and educators.  Whatever happened to the cries for a globally competitive school system?  Where are the teacher unions, The AFT and NEA?  Where is the business community?  Where are the voices of sanity?

I believe, and pray that I am wrong, that with the reduction of adults in schools and the consolidation of classrooms and schools, we will face increased school violence.  At that time, we will hear from the media, the business community, the teacher unions, and the politicians who will say, “how did this happen?”