What Are the Top 50 Jobs in the Next 10 Years?

Counselors, classroom teachers and school administrators could distribute this list to their students and their parents.

Money and rate the top 50 careers with great pay and growth prospects.

RankJob titleJob growth
(10-year forecast)
1Systems Engineer45%
2Physician Assistant27%
3College Professor23%
4Nurse Practitioner23%
5Information Technology Project Manager16%
6Certified Public Accountant18%
7Physical Therapist27%
8Computer/Network Security Consultant27%
9Intelligence Analyst15%
10Sales Director10%
12Software Developer28%
14Occupational Therapist23%
15Nurse Anesthetist23%
16Software Product Manager28%
17Business Analyst, IT29%
19Physician/General Practice14%
20Human Resources Manager13%
21Senior Financial Analyst34%
22Physician/Obstetrician/Gynecologist 14%
23Clinical Psychologist16%
26Marketing Manager14%
27Speech-Language Pathologist11%
28Technical Writer20%
29Finance Director13%
30Telecommunications Network Engineer53%
31Director of Communications17%
32Hotel General Manager12%
33Securities Trader25%
34Account Executive10%
35Education/Training Consultant22%
36Corporate Paralegal22%
37Quality Control Engineer20%
38Manufacturing Engineer20%
39Computer Software Program Manager28%
40Applications Systems Analyst29%
41Senior Internal Auditor18%
42Commercial Property Manager15%
43Creative Director26%
44Pharmaceuticals Sales Representative12%
45Associate – Investment Banking34%
46Training & Development Manager16%
47Product Marketing Manager14%
48Quality Assurance Manager16%
49Financial Research Analyst34%
50Outside Sales Representative12%
From the November 2009 issue

Sources:, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Conference Board Help Wanted Online Data Series, and MONEY research

* Job growth is estimated for 2006-2016 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.