Making Changes in No Child Left Behind

“Unless we change the law (No Child Left Behind) it’ll label every school in the country a failure” said Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.  “It doesn’t matter who I’m talking to – everybody has complaints about N.C.L.B.”

In spite of this many people in Washington do not believe that the law will be revised.  A previous attempt at a major revision failed in 2007.  No Child has been updated or reauthorized, several times.  But the incoming, more conservative and financially strapped Republican House of Representatives  are not enthusiastic about changing some of the more controversial provisions.  John Kline, a Minnesota Republican who will be the chairman of the House Education Committee stated, he was opposed to any additional funding for the Obama Administration’s Race for the Top Program. The administration has requested $1.35 billion to continue the program.

Readers of my book, 162 Keys to School Success, know that 46% of teachers leave the field of education within 5 years. Where will we get the teachers to replace those who leave?

How will get the funding to hire and train them?  Stay tuned – it should be an interesting battle!