To My Readers – Thank You

Three years ago, today, this website went live.  As of today, 240,464 “hits” have been registered.  On average, over 70% are “unique” – people who come to the site for the first time.

What is to me the most amazing part is that while 2/3 are from the US, many come from foreign lands, showing the global nature of the dropout problem. Canada is the country that follows America followed by Morocco, the Philippines, Spain, India,the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Maylaysia, Korea, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, the Netherlands, Indonesia, France, South Africa and Sweden rounds out the top 20.  Russia is a close #21.

As you would have guessed, the 15 Effective Strategies is the topic which attracts the most people.

Thanks to people who have visited the website, I have delivered workshops in 49 states (not in Alaska) and 9 countries.  I have now written 10 books (#10 will be published in February, 2011).

the 15 strategies  have been translated into Hebrew, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Portugesse.

 We are losing too many children who are dropping out.

I post three times a week so you can register to receive regular updates.

Thank you again for your kind words and thoughts.  If there is any topic you wish me to comment on or you wish me to deliver a workshop,  send your request to [email protected]