The Election’s Impact on Education

In most communities, education is the most expensive item.  The one just held will have a major impact.  The sad state of the economy has caused states to examine their spending on education.  The “one time only” stimulus money given to states by the federal government to avoid teacher layoffs is due to expire.  The Federal No Child Left Behind is up for reauthorization and with the Tea Party and Republicans saying no additional spending, education is in serious trouble.

Now is the time to ask your state and federal legislators several key questions:

1.  Do you send your children to public or private school?

2.  Do you support taking public money to support private schools?

3.  Do you support or oppose funding cuts to education?

4.  Do you support the funding of full-day pre-K and kindergarten?

5.  Do you believe that “high stakes testing” is a true measure of academic achievement?

Legislators need to be reminded, “I am an educator and I vote.”