Encouraging School Friends

School friends may play a major role in teen’s academic success.

In a new study conducted in Los Angeles 629 12th-graders kept a record of
activities such as time spent studying and time spent with school friends and out-of-school friends.
Students with higher grade-point averages (GPAs) had more school friends than out-of-school friends. The more school friends, the higher the

It appeared that in-school friends are more likely to be achievement-oriented and share and support school-related activities, including studying, because they are all in the same

The study was recently published online in the Journal of Research on Adolescence.

The findings don’t mean that friends from outside of school aren’t beneficial.  It simply means that the friendships formed in school are more beneficial for academic success.

Data clearly indicate that students who spend more time in school are more academically successful.  It may indicate that schools should encourage more time in school through the use of clubs and sports activities.