Thank You

As of 12 Noon, Mountain time the 200,000 person visited this site.  I am amazed and very grateful.

When this site went live, December 15, 2007 it was my vision that it would be visited by a few people.  I never thought so many people were concerned with at-risk learners and dropout prevention. I am happy that so many of you have found information that you can use.

For those of you who are interested in data, here are a few facts:

I expected that the 15 Effective Strategies would draw the largest audiences, I was wrong.  The people who  have searched for it have made it the second most visited posting.  The one posting which has generated the greatest number of “hits” is 25 Things Which Will Be Extinct in 25 Years.  As I have already indicated, it was sent to me in an email, I do not know from whom but I am delighted.   If you have not seen it, you can go to the archieves and locate it.

Fifty-nine percent  of all searches come to the website because people are looking for something of their interest.  12% of visitors are referred by websites like Bing (68%), 20% by Firefox, 9% by Safari.  The remaining 29% are people who have heard me speak, read my books, or found me on YouTube.

People in all of the 50 states have come to the website.  Canadians are the next highest viewers followed by Morocco, the Philippines,  Spain, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Brazil, Ireland (where is Louth?), Singapore, the Netherlands, Indonesia, France, South Africa and Sweden rounds out the top 20 nations.

I have received emails from many of you and comments from some.  If you wish to reach me, try [email protected] (Where is Louth, Ireland?)

If you are a reader and I am doing a presentation which you are attending, stop by and say hello.  If I can be of service to you, your school or school district, let me know.

I will have two new books out before the end of the year.  One titled, 162 Keys to School Success will be published by Eye on Education in July.  Look for a chapter in the “resources” section of this website.

Again, thank you!