Missouri cuts K-12 spending

With states finding shortfalls in their budgets because of the recession, Missouri along with other states has decided to cut spending for public education.  I understand the need for cuts but I believe that cuts in education should be among the last cuts made by states.

The Kansas City Star reported that Missouri’s yacht buys can save up to $30,000 on the purchase of a $500,000 yacht.  This exemption, experts say, costs the state $6 million a year.

Missouri State Senator Jason Crowell (R, 27th District) says that $47 million is being cut out of K-12 classrooms and $15 million is being cut from the school bus transportation budget.  But that $25 million is being added to the Kansas City Chiefs’ budget.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting extremely tired of hearing politicians say how important education is for the nation and for states and then cutting spending.