Bullying – What is the School’s Role?

Bullying has become such a “hot button” issue that the first lady, Michelle Obama and the U.S. Department of Education have been involved in what the school’s role should be.

Traditionally schools have ignored the problem saying it was just a part of children growing up.  But the recent spate of suicides and the onset of cyberbullying have drawn the attention of the media and parents.

Children who are being ostracized they are different – too fat, not cool,  too academic or gay can no be ignored by school officials.  There is something wrong when pre-teen and teenagers feel that suicide is the only answer to  the anxiety of loneliness.

But no mistake, bullying cannot be dealt with by legislation in spite of what politicians preach.  We need a community of adults, acting in unison acknowledging the problem and taking joint action.  And that means the schools as well.