It’s our anniversary

Two years ago today, December 15, 2007, this website went live.  I had no idea if people would visit it or not.  In the past 2 years, 187,871 people have visited the site.  Between 750-1000 people a week view something on it.  One hundred, unique, first time hits, are registered every week.

The most viewed page visited (0ver 8,000 times) was “25 Things Which Will be Extinct in 25 years”.  If you did not see it you can check the website archives.

Two thirds of the views have come from the United States.  Canada is the next highest.  Rounding out the top 20 are Morocco, the Philippines, Spin, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Republic of Korea, Brazil, Maylasia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Ireland, France, South Africa, Indonesia, and Mexico. There is a global crisis of children not completing school.

To my loyal supporters, please keep me informed of what you wish me to gather information about.  This website will be as valuable as you and I can make it by working together.

Thank you for your inspiration and for making a difference.