What are the hardest jobs to fill?

Manpower Magazine has released a list of the 10 hardest jobs to fill.  For the past four years the jobs are the same.  In preparing students for the world of work, educators from all levels should be aware of the gaps which exist between jobs and applicants.  The U.S. findings are part of a Manpower global study that surveyed more than 39,000 employers across 33 countries and territories in January 2009. Positions in the skilled trades, sales, technical work and engineering remain the most difficult for employers to fill globally.

The 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill, as reported by U.S. employers for 2009, are:
1. Engineers
2. Nurses
3. Skilled/Manual Trades
4. Teachers
5. Sales Representatives
6. Technicians
7. Drivers
8. IT Staff
9. Laborers
10. Machinist/Machine Operators

Educators, business people and government officials need to take action so that people are enticed to take these jobs.