I’m sorry– but colleges are businesses

Colleges continue to accept sub-standard students who require remediation and then complain that the K-12 system hasn’t adequately prepared them.  The college dropout rate is higher than the K-12 dropout rate and this is with students who have succeeded in the K-12 system.

Universities continue to build new buildings and add additional seats and then accept even more ill-prepared students.  They raise their tuition and fees faster than inflation thinking that parents and federal loans will cover the additional costs.

If they didn’t accept these poorly prepared students, than the students and their parents would recognized that students had to be better prepared for the post-K-12 environment or the K-12 schools would have to raise their teaching-learning requirements when giving grades.

But colleges and universities continue to build more buildings, creating more empty seats which they need to fill.  At the same time, they seek to fill these seats lowering their requirements to equal the number of available seats.

Wouldn’t it make more sense, if they were interested in producing quality students to validate the products of the k-12 system by refusing to accept  below average students.