Building Global Economies: From the Schoolhouse to the Workplace

I do not know if you are aware that I deliver business presentations in addition to delivering educational presentations.  While I was delivering 2 educational workshops in Fargo, North Dakota, I delivered a business presentation at the Microsoft Campus to 75 business leaders that was organized by the United Way of of Cass-Clay.  Judy Green, Executive Director of the United Way stated that she had never gotten as much as a commitment from the business community.  Here a number of their comments:

Excellent!  Thank you for including us.  Franklin – great!

Great presentation.

This event was phenomenal!  Information provided by Franklin was astounding and an

agent for improvement and realization.  I can use so much of what I learned today to impact and influence the individuals and groups I work with.  This issue is huge, important and vital locally and nation wide.  I look forward to more engaged discussions and actions on this topic.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend today!

Thank you for providing this opportunity to our community!

This was an informative session.  Thank you!

I will do whatever you need from me.

I am a school board member and familiar with all this data so I was looking for something

new we could do.  I forget that everyone doesn’t know the same information.

Good job!

What an enlightening presentation.  It has left me wondering what my role as an informal

educator is in addressing this issue.  What can I offer?  Where do my strengths lie, and how can I utilize them to your assistance?

Great supporting data to help me grow my statewide program for early entrepreneurship


Great job United Way!


Some of the statistics provided today were quite alarming.  I had not realized this is the

current state.  Dropout rates are high, and need to be lower.  Events like this today give

hope that one day those rates will be lower.  Thank you for the insight.

Great information.

Thanks for the great introduction to this process.

This info is good to share with everyone in our community.  This is a problem for all of us.

I am heading a new organization called the Great Plains STEM Education Center which will address a segment of the problem of active learning as opposed to passive dependent  learning.  I would be happy to get involved.  Thanks!

Excellent presentation.

I am currently on the ND Drop Out Prevention Team.

Very interesting.

We are already strong partners in this endeavor – let’s continue with focus and strength!

This is information everyone needs to know.  I think there are a lot of misconceptions and

prejudices regarding “at-risk” kids and I think discussions like this can teach individuals that  it is an important issue no matter what your position in the community.

I completely agree that education is a very important factor in improving the lives of

individuals and our communities.  Improvements are required to encourage our students to remain engaged and become life-long learners.

Having been a high school teacher in large, diverse and struggling school districts in Texas during the start of my career and currently at Microsoft, I often have thought “if I’d known then what I know now”.  I would love to be involved!

Great session!  Great presenter!  Great information!

Franklin is an inspiration to me!  Great presentation, great content.  I would love to listen to  him – longer!

If you are interested in having me address the business community in your area, contact me at 505/823-2339 or [email protected]