America, Truly the Melting Pot

If America Were a Village: A Book about the People of the United States by David J. Smith, the author reduces the USA to the same-size 100-person village.

In it we learn that 50 of 100 live in just nine states (12 of them in California). The combined populations of five rural states — Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota — amount to just one person. (Each “person” equals more than 3 million people.)

It also tackles economic inequality, noting that:

•Five people share more than half the USA’s wealth;

•One person controls more than 30%;

•The 60 poorest share about 4%.

Germans would be the largest group represented with 15 followed by The Irish 11, African 9, English 9, Mexican 7, Italian 6, Polish 3, French 3, Scotch/Irish 1, and Swedish 1.

Regarding religions: 40 attend services weekly, 10 are non religious, 82 are Christians, 54 are Protestants, Roman Catholics represent 24, Mormons 2, Buddhist 2, Jewish 1, Muslims 1