The Gates Foundation and Remediation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and MDC, Inc., announced on June 22, that it would provide $16.5 million in grant money for 15 community colleges and five states to expand remedial education programs. The announcement referred to a recent report from Jobs for the Future that notes that remedial classes cost taxpayers more than $2 billion a year. Nearly 60% of all students who enroll in a community college start with remedial courses yet two-thirds of them never graduate.

My opinion: It is silly to remediate when students do not have the ability to take college level courses. Students, parents and college people should not accept the concept that everyone who files for college is qualified. Unfortunately college is a business. Colleges continue to build additional buildings and add additional seats and need to fill them. High school diplomas need to be validated by colleges by not accepting students who do not meet the minimum standards set by colleges. Students will come to understand that they must succeed in high school before they become accepted to college.

That is my opinion. I would like to hear yours. I will post the best on this site.