Who Holds America’s Debt?

I find the data released by the US Treasury Department very interesting. These were the top ten countries holding US debt as of June 2007, according to a report released on April 30, 2008.

#1. Japan $1,197, 000,000,000 That’s 1.197 TRILLION dollars
#2 China $922 ,000,000,000 That’s 922 BILLION dollars
#3 UK $921,000,000,000
#4 Cayman Islands $740,000,000,000
#5 Luxembourg $703,000,000,000
#6 Canada $475,000,000,000
#7 Belgium $396,000,000,000
#8 Ireland $342,000,000,000
#9 Switzerland $329,000,000,000
#10 Netherlands $321,000,000,000

Oil Exporters came in #11, Russia at #17, and besides the Cayman Islands, there were also Bermuda at #13 ($238b) and the British Virgin Islands at #22($108b).

Source: Table 2. Foreign holdings of U.S. securities, by country and type of security, for the major investing countries into the U.S., as of June 30, 2007

My readings from the US press led me to believe that China was the prime holder. Now the information above may be out of date, but I have not read about our indebtedness to Japan. Or to the United Kingdom, or the Cayman Islands.